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13 in 2013

I signed up for a challenge called 13 in 2013 in January, so I'm looking at local race calendars and planning them all out. I'll geek out on a spreadsheet for my records very soon. This list will probably change as the year progresses, but I love having everything planned out. Finished races will be in this color.

1. Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series #1 1/12/13   3.3 miles 40:41
     I signed up for all 4 races, and hope to do them all. I've never done more than 2 thanks to the weather, so we'll see.
2. PPRR Winter Series #2  1/26/13  4 miles 46:30

3. Super Half and 5k 2/3/13     5k 36:31
    No way I'll be ready for a half then, so I'll be doing the 5k.
4. PPRR Winter Series #3  2/9/13       5 miles 59:00
5. PPRR Winter Series #4  2/23/13     10k 1:20:48

6. St. Patrick's Day 5k  3/16/13 Skipped due to illness

6. Autism Awareness Race   4/20/13   5k  32:00
7. Vampire 5k 4/26/13 Did it, but didn't time it.
8. Glow Run 5k    4/27/13 Did it, but didn't time it.

9. Colfax HALF  5/19/13  2:44:30
10. Bolder Boulder 5/27/13   10k

10. Palmer Lake 4th of July  7/4/13   4 miles

12. Color Run  8/10/13    5k

13. American Discovery Trail 9/2/13  FULL MARATHON

14. Great Pumpkin Race 10/6/13  5k/10k
      Not sure which distance I'll do.
14. Hot Chocolate 10/6/13 5k/15k
       Haven't decided which race to do this day, but I'm thinking hot chocolate.
15. Creepy Crawl  10/26/13    5k


  1. I just notice we live in the same town! Oh my goodness! I run with the BRC Women's Fit Team. It just started for the Spring team. It trains for the GOG 10 miler. I'm just building up for Chicago this fall. MaybeI'll see you out there!

    1. One of my best friends is in that running group! She just joined a couple weeks ago, and has been trying to talk me into joint. :)


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