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Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Changes, Part 1

Hi again. Anyone still reading? Let's see if I can dust off this ole blog again for the 50383th time. There have been many changes since I last posted. I'm going to break up my story into a couple-few posts because it's just getting way too long. I mentioned last time that there were some major things happening in my family that I couldn't talk about. Well, I can now! But first, I need to take you way way back 13 years when I first met my husband (briefly).

Once upon a time, my husband and I met when we both lived in a very small town in the middle of nowhere Iowa. We were both new in town, so my dad and stepfamily decided to matchmake, even though I told them I wanted no part of it. There was a situation with a picture that completely embarrassed me, so when RAGBRAI came through our town and I found out he was manning a spaghetti booth, I approached him and apologized for my family's behavior. I don't think anyone (least of all me!) expected us to hit it off so well that we'd end up married! A few months after we got married, we found out I was pregnant, and a few months after that, D got a job in Spokane. We were there a little over 1.5 years before that company offered him a dream job in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs was supposed to be our last move, and we were so happy there for 8 years. We established roots there, and had our twins there.

But last year, his old boss from IA came calling and let him know that the #2 man in the company job was now open, and asked if he'd be interested in applying for it. After MUCH debate, we decided it was too good of an opportunity to not at least try for it. He was a favorite for the job since he had history with the company, but it wasn't a guarantee he'd get it. After many months of interviews and waiting, he got the job! This time, we weren't going back to the small town, but to the Des Moines area so he could work in the corporate office. Unfortunately, he started his new job mid-October, so we decided the kids and I would stay back to try to sell our house, and follow him during the Christmas break. Our house sold over Thanksgiving break, but the buyers couldn't close on it until the end of February, so the separation lasted longer than we'd planned. It just didn't make any sense for the girls and I to move when we'd have to rent until our current house closed. And what if something happened and the sale fell through?

It was a tough 5 months of single parenting and missing my husband, but we got through it. Emma, my autistic twin, took it the hardest. She really struggled with having D gone, especially at school. At first, she refused to go into the lunchroom because it was very noisy and chaotic. Then, she slowly started refusing to go to her "discoveries," which are the different subjects they studied in various classes. Art, music, French, etc. By the time our move rolled around, she was spending her entire days in the resource room. I slowly sold all of our furniture on Craigslist and to friends, so seeing our house empty up was really difficult on her. During that time of high stress, I didn't worry about trying to lose weight. I had too much on my plate to try to eat well and exercise. I did at least manage to maintain around the 185-190lb mark that I was when I last posted in September.

Stay tuned for Part 2 when I talk about what I've been up to since the move.


  1. I'm still reading! So glad you're back. Sounds like you've been crazy busy. I hope things have calmed down some. Looking forward to Part 2!

    1. Aw, thanks for sticking around! :)


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