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Friday, January 4, 2013

Which Fitbit Should I Buy?

I wrote this guest post for Fitness Unscripted recently, and thought I'd cross-post it here as part of Fitness Friday.


I’ve made no secret of my love of my fitbit. I’ve written about it a couple times here on my blog, and I've talked about it relentlessly to friends and family, and on various Facebook groups. I'm the one who often gets tagged when questions come up. :) I love it so much, and have talked so many people into buying one, that I joined their affiliate program a few months ago. For every fitbit that is purchased using my link, or by clicking the banner in the sidebar on my blog, I get a small commission. You may think I’m rolling in it now, but the fitbit is available at Target, Best Buy, Brookstone, and Amazon (among others), so I don’t get a dime if people buy through those sites. I’ve made a little spending money thanks to those who have bought through me, but not a whole lot.

I’m telling you this in full disclosure because I don’t want you to think I’m schilling it to get paid. Yes, the commission’s nice, but it's ok if you buy it elsewhere. I just want everyone to have one! It’s that good a product!
The One

Now let me tell you why you should buy a fitbit if you haven’t already. Smile

1. It's small & just clips to your bra, so it's not intrusive at all. Nobody's going to be asking you "what's that?" & it's not going to get in the way of your sexy date night outfit.
2. It syncs to a variety of apps, including mfp, runkeeper, endomondo, and both the Withings scale & fitbit's Aria scale. There are others as well. Here’s the full list.
3. On the screen, you can see your steps, distance, calories burned, and steps climbed (ultra & one) quickly.
4. The website is FREE! There is a premium membership you can purchase for an annual fee, but you don't have to if you don't want to. The free version has all the info you need, and you can use all the app features as well.
5. If you have an iPhone 4S or 5, iPad 3rd generation or higher, or the newest ipod, the One & the Zip will sync wirelessly. You just hold your phone up near your boob (or where ever you're wearing the fitbit) to manually sync it. It'll also sync on its own periodically. This is the #1 reason I decided to upgrade to a One. We got an iPad 3 for the family for Christmas, so I had to have the One. It was so fantastic while traveling to be able to sync whenever I had wifi on the ipad! No more digging out the laptop, connecting to wifi, and syncing it there. And I just upgraded to an iphone 5 today, so I’m thrilled to already have the One to be able to sync.
6. You have friends on the site & app & can easily see how you fare against them based on the past 7 days. This is incredibly motivating & gets the competitive juices flowing. And it's fun to talk trash. This is probably my favorite thing about the fitbit. Smile
7. If you have an Ultra or a One, you can track your sleep. You just press & hold the button on the fitbit when you go to bed, and press it again the morning. It tells you how long you slept, and how many times you woke up. It comes with a cloth wristband that you put the fitbit into to wear while sleeping.
8. The Ultra & the One are rechargeable. You just place it on the USB charger thingy & you're good. I don't know about the one, but I've been known to not charge my ultra for a month, and I've never had it die on me. The Zip has a replaceable battery that's supposed to last about 6 months.

The Ultra has now been discontinued on the fitbit site, but you can find it for about $70-80 in stores. At least until they sell out.  The One and the Zip are the newest models, and they both sync wirelessly to the newest Apple products. The biggest difference between the two is that the Zip doesn’t track stairs climbed or sleep. I used to have the original fitbit that didn’t track stairs, so I didn’t think it was a big deal to track stairs. Since having my Ultra for several months, however, I couldn’t do without the stairs now! It’s not a dealbreaker, but I would definitely miss it going back to not having it. The sleep I could do without since I NEVER track that anyway. It was fun the first couple weeks, and then I quickly forgot about it. The Zip also doesn't have a stopwatch like the One. This is handy if you want to track individual workouts. You simply press and hold the button on the One until the timer starts, and press and hold it again when you're done. It's also how you set the sleep tracking feature. The Zip sells for $59, and the One is $99. The Zip comes in 5 fun colors, and the One comes in 2.
The Zip
I’ve now had the One (which I bought with my own money and was not a freebie, btw) for a week or two, and I love it! There isn’t any difference on the display, though it looks much crisper and clearer than the Ultra did, and really not a huge difference overall. Like I said, the biggest selling point was the ability to wirelessly sync with Apple products. It’s a huge convenience to be able to sync it any time vs. whenever I happen to be near my laptop. I love it!

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so! Now get out there and buy yourself a fitbit. :) Please use my link, or you can click the banner below, to buy it, but I totally understand if you don't!


  1. You got me sold. I am hoping to get a fitbit for my birthday next month.

    1. Yay! That will be a great birthday present. :)

  2. I'm so in love with my One its unreal.

  3. Definitely sounds like a nifty little product!!! Found you at the Fitness Friday Blog Hop!

    You're newest follower,

    Aanika from xo

  4. Ok so after reading about it from you months ago, I really wanted to get one for my mother-in-law, because she would love the stats - but she is totally not technologically capable - so would I just get her the scale with it, too? Could it be totally independent of the website and phones?

    1. She doesn't need the scale at all. I don't have the fitbit scale, I have a Withings scale which does the same stuff. You can also manually enter your weights. But if she's not syncing it to anything, she'd only see that day's info since that's all the fitbit shows. To charge it, she would need a usb charger that she could plug into the wall. I take an iphone charger that has the separate plug + cord, remove the iphone cord, and add my fitbit cord. Without being able to see the data, she'd be better off with a regular pedometer.

  5. PS I got a jawbone UP for my Xmas present, even though I hinted at the fitbit. Men!

    1. lol! How are you liking your Jawbone?

  6. just thought i would let you know that no place that i have checked is selling the discontinued ultra at a discount; in fact, amazon is listing their last one at $112!

    1. The ultra's now discontinued, so hardly anyone sells it anymore. Crazy it's more than the One now!


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