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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Short Shorts for Summer

Karri and I are teaming up for Tone em up Tuesdays because we will both ROCK the short shorts this summer! Look for a link-up on Tuesday, and join us!

Unlike Karri, I lived in shorts pretty much from junior high til my early 20's. Living in California, I often wore shorts year-round. For me, it's always been my stomach that's my worst feature, and I didn't think twice about wearing shorts when I was a kid.

Kegger! I was legal by then, so don't call the cops on me. :P

This last picture was in Mexico on our grad trip when I was 17 (my birthday's in September, so I was 17 when I graduated). This was the only time I've ever worn cropped tops because my stomach has always been my least-favorite feature, and I felt so embarrassed the entire time I wore this shirt. I was so sucking it in for the picture. Someone needed to smack 17 year-old me!!

In my 2013 goals post, I listed rocking the short running shorts as one of my goals. I also want to wear shorts in public outside of running! For years now, the only time I've worn shorts, or really showed my legs in any way, was while running. I've hardly even worn capris. It's all jeans all the time for my legs, and that makes me sad. My twins were born early August, and I was miserable that entire summer in huge maternity sweat pants because I refused to wear shorts or even dresses. I hadn't worked out consistently in a very long time and had zero muscle anywhere on my body. More than my size, I hated how soft I was. 

Now that I've been working hard to lose weight for a year now, I feel so much more confident than I ever did in any of the above pictures. Even though I'm a good 40-50lbs heavier than I was back then. I love myself so much more, and focus on the good changes in my body. Like my legs. They'll never look as skinny as they used to once upon a time, but that's ok with me. I'm fine with never seeing 120's again. My goal is not to look like that again, but to be fit and strong and I'm definitely headed in the right direction!
I promise I'll shave next time I take a picture of my legs!

Do you want to rock the short shorts this summer with Karri and me? Join us for a link-up on Tuesday! We're working on a Tone em up Tuesdays button, and figuring out how to even do a link-up now. :) 


  1. Love this idea. I so want to have nice legs and feel great in shorts!

  2. Look at those legs, girl! Woot woot! I love this idea!

  3. That's my goal too! Last summer, despite Grant being almost 1, I was still wearing maternity capris :(


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