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Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Ran!

This was my first outside run since I hurt my hip. I felt GREAT! No hip issues whatsoever. I've hardly done much of anything the past two months since the half, and I definitely noticed my endurance has gone way down. The first mile was definitely a struggle. I was huffing and puffing, and only at a 13-minute pace! Oh well, it will come back with time. Overall, though, this was the most enjoyable run since my half.

For me, 40s-50s is perfect for running because I tend to get way too hot. Today, I walked for 10 minutes to warm up in the beginning, and I was ready to take off my fleece by the end of it. It was perfect! Just enough breeze to keep me cool without freezing me. The only downside to running in this time of year is that I'll only get outside on the weekends. It's well past dark by the time Damon gets home from work, and I don't have enough time for a decent run before he goes to work.


  1. CONGRATS! Pain-free running is not to be taking for granted after injuries eh! Love this!

  2. Great job, girl! I love running in those temps too. Since it gets dark so early here too, I have to use my treadmill a little more than I'd like to.

  3. It is SO hard to motivate on the treadmill! Good for you for getting out there. Also, I would not have had the motivation to walk for 10 mins and then run for 4 miles...go girl.


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