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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crash Burn, When Will I Learn?

10 points if you get the title reference.

So I've been missing from pretty much everywhere lately because I've fallen off the wagon. Hard. And got run over with it a few times. It's been ugly around here pretty much since the half. I feel like such a loser coming over and telling y'all about the bad times, but I know it will be therapeutic if I confess my sins. You won't judge my bad decisions, will you? It's been two months of eating out. Living on soda, and not water. Hardly working out. Weight started creeping up, and the inches I lost have found their way back. My inner fat girl took over and silenced the skinny bitch in my head.

No more!

Inner Skinny Bitch is back and ready to take charge. I am recommitting to a healthy lifestyle, and getting back on track. I will be doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit program for exercise, but I just can't give up cardio for the first month. I have been CRAVING runs lately. I know! I NEED to run, so I'm going to. And I will report my progress to all 3 of you still around.

I started LiveFit a few weeks ago, but only got through week 1 and the first day of Week 2 before kids got sick and then Thanksgiving hit. Surprisingly, I loved being in the weight room. It's always been a scary place with torture devices that I don't know how to use. The LiveFit program made it super easy to know what to do each day, and I felt so badass working out with the guys in the weight room. This time, I won't get derailed, and I'm going to go ahead and start back in Week 1 since I didn't change my eating habits at all a few weeks ago. I'm committing to eating more cleanly this time around as well.

Day 1 was yesterday, and it felt so great to be back! I had a great workout, including a 30 minute run, ate well, drank my water, and logged every bite in myfitnesspal. I got this!

Today's food:

Breakfast was old-fashioned oats, milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Yum!

I didn't think to take pictures of lunch or my afternoon snack. Lunch was a salad with Spring Mix, 1/2 chicken breast, grape tomatoes, and a bit of Annie's honey mustard dressing. I made a sandwich with the other 1/2 of the chicken, a slice of toast, and a teaspoon of mayo (measured out). Afternoon snack = green protein smoothie with spinach, frozen strawberries, a banana, cottage cheese, and protein powder.

Dinner was amazing! Gracious Pantry's Southwest 2-Bean Chicken Chili. So delicious and filling.

I'm at a great start, and finally feel like I'm in a good place to do this again. I rocked August and most of September, and I'm ready to get there again!


  1. You sound very motivated!
    Life just happens sometimes and exercise and healthy eating can be thrown out the window. But, you've already made the change and on your way back to it!

  2. I agree - you now have a 'new normal' you miss, even if you fall off the wagon. I'm still here! I was worried about you! I feel you. I'm so WORRIED about the holidays I think I' already sabotaging myself. I don't want to get to New Years again with the same effin weight to lose over the Spring, and then burn off in the summer...when will I learn!?! I totally hear you!! You are motivating me!!!!

  3. I can relate. I was staying on track as long as I was training for my half. But since then, I can't get that same motivation back. I need a training program for the accountability. Good luck with the Jamie Eason program. I have wanted to do that, but not willing to give up the cardio. Interested to see how it works for you incorporating the cardio as well.

  4. WOO HOO!! so glad you are back lady friend!! you are always so motivating :)

  5. Awesome!!! So happy you're back at it, Brandi!!!! :)


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