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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Withings Scale Review

If you spend any amount of time with me, you'll know that I love my gadgets. Particularly gadgets that connect with my iphone and show me pretty charts and graphs on fancy apps. For me to lose weight, I NEED to see the numbers, and charts and graphs just make my heart sing.

And when my apps work TOGETHER and sync with one another? Holy geekgasm!

MyFitnessPal just announced their "app gallery" today. While my fitbit has been playing nicely with mfp for quite some time now, I was so excited to see my Withings scale on the list!


I already loved my scale because it syncs with runkeeper and my fitbit as well as a bunch of other apps, but now it's a full meta geek circle of love with mfp as well!

Some key features of the Withings scale:

1. It connects via wifi to the Withings site and app.
2. It syncs with a ton of apps, so you don't have to manually enter your weight there again.
3. You can have up to 8 users, and it automatically keeps track of the different users.
4. You can share your data with any professionals who need to track your weight. Doctors, coaches, nutritionists, etc. You can also email anyone individual weights for certain days.
5. If you're really brave, you can share your stats on Facebook or twitter as well.
6. Your online "dashboard" is password-protected so nobody can see it if you don't want to share it. You can even have different passwords for each user if you don't want your spouse/boyfriend/parents to see your weight.

I'm sure you have seen my app screenshots of my weight all over my blog. That's the original Withings app that coincides with my scale. I love this because it keeps me honest in weightloss challenges, and with all of you. See the date & time on there? It definitely shows I'm not fibbing my weights.

My fancy graph

Speaking of my weight screenshot, that weight up there? That's today's weight! I FINALLY got below 168! I've been fluctuating between 168-169 ever since I hit the 160's weeks ago, but it's been completely my fault so I can't complain. I'm so happy to see 167.anything today!

If you'd like to buy a Withings scale for yourself, they're currently offering 15% off right now with the code myfitnesspal to celebrate the new union between the two. The deal is only good until 10/31, so hurry up and be awesome like me! :D

Sidenote: I was not sponsored or compensated in any way to write this post. I just love my toys, and am always trying to get everyone to buy some too. ;) I bought my scale on my own, and the Withings people don't have a clue who I am or that I'm writing this post.


  1. Hmmmmm. Food for thought! Especially since I gave up on mfp after 6 months of no weight loss. I know that's not mfp's fault, but I also liked the daily mile widget for my blog. 166 today. Going to NOT weigh myself for a week and really go for results. Holidays!!

  2. Ok you've convinced me. I was looking at this yesterday and wondering if I "really" needed it, but because you can't "cheat" on it and you can have it link up automatically it will one more thing to keep me accountable for my goal Christmas of 9 more pounds! Thanks for the great review.

    1. Niki, that's so awesome that you're so close to goal! Congratulations! You will love your Withings scale. :)

    2. Niki, that's so awesome that you're so close to goal! Congratulations! You will love your Withings scale. :)

  3. How bad do you think it would be if I purposefully broke the scale in my bathroom right now to buy this one? Besides, I'm sure the Husband would love it - he's also a fan of anything toy-like! Thanks Brandi!

    1. LOL!!! That is so something I would do. ;) And your husband sounds like my kinda people.


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