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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

How fun! I've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you Estefanie, Christina, and Michelle, Sonya, and Amanda! I'm so blown away that all of you even read my little blog, let alone would want to know more about me.

Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one.

The Rules:
- Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
- They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
- They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
- They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers.
- These lucky bloggers must be told.
- There are NO TAG BACKS.

11 Things About Myself
1. I ran my first half last month.
2. I've been a lazy runner for 7 years, but have never been consistent until now. Though, I've been awful about running since the half.
3. My husband is 8 years older than me.
4. One of my twins, Emma, is autistic.
5. When I was in 5th grade, I tried out for choir and was told I'd likely need surgery as an adult because my voice is so loud and I'm probably damaging my vocal chords. Or something like that.
6. My kids cover their ears and scream NO! when I sing.
7. My mom is from Guatemala. She immigrated here 3 years before I was born. On her own. When she was 22. Her strength and courage amazes me.
8. I was a kick-ass cheerleader in high school. My loud voice paid off then. The booster club loved me because I always made them more money than any of the other girls for their raffles during the games.
9. I LOVE Fall. The crispness in the air, the clothes, the colors, the holidays. Plus, it helps that my birthday (9/18) is on the cusp of it, so it's already starting to feel like fall by then.
10. My birthday is my favorite holiday! ;) I don't care that I'm now 34, I still make a big deal about my birthday.
11. I love math.

Questions from Estefanie
1. What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year?
I'd like to be down another 10lbs by then. I haven't seen 150's in YEARS!
2. What are you looking forward to about next year?
Being healthy and getting to goal. Watching my kids grow and blossom.
3. Who is your fave person and why? (could be someone famous, hero, parent, etc)
My Gumma was my favorite person. She was my dad's mom. She taught me so much, and was amazing. God, I miss her.
4. What is your secret addiction?
Secret? Hmm. Probably my iphone. My husband and I have always joked about "Julio," my secret lover, so he now calls my phone Julio since it gets more action than my husband. ;)
5. Who have you held a grudge on and why (I'm nosey.)?
I don't hold grudges. Life's too short to let shit like that fester.
6. Where would you go if you had an all paid vacation?
Europe. I've always wanted to go to Europe, anywhere in Europe, and I'm jealous of those kids who get to backpack across.
7. When did you first realize you were an "adult"?
For me, the kids made me feel like an adult. Before that, I still felt young and free. Kids settled me, and required the purchase of a minivan. It's tough to not feel like an adult when you drive a mom wagon.
8. Why do you blog?
I started this blog to keep me accountable when trying to lose weight. I needed a place to write down my thoughts, and be able to look back and see my progress. Plus, I'd hoped that putting it out there on the internet would kick my ass more than keeping a paper journal.
9. How do you sleep?
When I'm running consistently, I sleep like the dead and can't stay up past 9. Most days, though, I'm a night owl and pay for it in the mornings. If we're talking position, I sleep on my stomach.
10. Do you like weird smells? (rubber, nail polish, gas, etc)
Sometimes. I love the smell of Play-Doh, white out, and hair spray.
11. If you could change anything in your life, what would it be and why?
I'd be in shape and at my goal weight without having to bust ass for it. I'd also like to quit being a procrastinator and lazy. I could get so much done if I wasn't!

Questions from Christina
1. Where were you born?
Torrance, California.
2. What do you love most about yourself?
My eyes
3. Who is your favorite music artist?
Mumford & Sons. All-time favorite is Dave Matthews Band.
4. Do you have a talent that you love but aren’t good at?
I'd love to be a better photographer. I do some pro stuff, but a big reason I don't do more is because I don't think I'm good enough and I'm wasting everyone's time.
5. What’s your favorite movie?
This is HARD! I love movies. Favorite tear-jerkers: PS I Love You, Steel Magnolias, and Beaches. Favorite comedies: anything with Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and/or Bill Murray. And all the Vacation movies. Favorite kid movies: The Princess Bride and The Goonies. I could go on...
6. Are you superstitious?
Meh, not really.
7. Do you have a weird phobia?
It's not really weird, but I'm claustrophobic. Damon and I watched Captain America the other night, and the scene where he transforms from scrawny to huge FREAKED me out because he was encapsulated in that thing.
8. How would your BFF describe your personality?
9. What’s your signature dish?
I love to cook, so I don't know if I have a signature dish. I tend to bring something new from Pinterest to potlucks. A couple crowd favorites are crack dip, bacon-wrapped chicken and potatoes, and shredded beef tacos.
10. What’s your most embarrassing moment as a teenager and adult?
I peed my pants in 7th grade. We were in the middle of a test and I was too embarrassed to ask to go to the bathroom since it was a big no-no. I tried to hold it, but I couldn't and peed at my desk. Worse was my crush sat right next to me!
11. Who is your celebrity crush both male and female
Oh hell. I don't have a List, I have an entire book! I have lots of crushes. The two who never leave the very top of my list, though, are Andy Pettitte and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. My biggest girl crush is Lauren Graham.

Questions from Michelle
1. Who means the most to you?
My husband and kids.
2. What is your number 1 goal right now?
To lose 30lbs, and to finish my accounting degree.
3. What is your occupation?
I'm a stay-at-home mom.
4. Hobbies?
Photography, reading, knitting
5. Pets?
Nope. I'm allergic to cats AND dogs, much to my kids' disappointment. We had a beta fish a couple years ago, but he died last year.
6. What is a current struggle?
7. What do you love about yourself?
My hair.
8. What is something you want to work on about yourself?
I would love to not be so damn lazy and half-ass everything!
9. Who is someone you miss? why?
My Gumma. She died of breast cancer about 6.5 years ago. She taught me the basics of grown-up living. How to cook and clean and stuff.
10. What is something you cant live without?
My iphone.
11. What are your talents?
I'm a beast with names and faces. It freaks Damon out when we watch tv or movies that I can tell him where I saw That Guy before. Who needs IMDB when you have me!

Questions from Sonya
1.What's your middle name?
Lynn Marie, but I mostly just use Lynn.
2.Last book you read?
I'm currently reading The Next Thing on my List by Jill Smolinski
3.Favorite "healthy" food.
4.Favorite "non-healthy" food.
A big, greasy burger and fries with a Roy Rogers (cherry Coke) to drink. Or Mexican food. Or sushi. God, I love non-healthy food.
5.Favorite drink, other then water.
Non-alcoholic: Roy Rogers, and I have egg nog on the brain now. Oh! Egg nog shake from McDonald's, and the peppermint chocolate chip shake from Chick Fil A.
Alcoholic: beer, red wine, and margaritas.

6.Where were you born?
Torrance, California.
7.Favorite form of exercises?
8.Favorite sport to watch?
9.Favorite quote.
No idea.
10.How would your friends & family describe you?
11.Favorite tv show.
The Big Bang Theory.

Questions from Amanda
1. Do you believe in a higher power?
Yep. I'm not very religious, but I still believe.
2. What is your favorite pick-me-up song when you are sad?
Lie in our Graves by Dave Matthews Band.
3. Favorite form of exercise?
4. Dream vacation destination?
5. What age did you have your first kiss?
12. Such a sweet memory.
6. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you buy first?
After doing all the responsible stuff like paying off our house and cars, and creating big nest eggs for the kids, I would go on a geekgasm shopping spree. I'd buy ipads, an iMac, and a Macbook Pro for my house. Then I'd go buy expensive clothes from brands I'm only vaguely aware of, but mostly I'd buy boots. Lots and lots of boots.
7. What is your favorite animal?
When I was a kid, I desperately wanted a pet Panda or a koala.
8. What is your favorite book?
Oh man, I love books. My all-time favorites are the classics. Little Women, Great Expectations, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights. These days, I don't have much time to read, so I stick to fluff. I love anything Nora Roberts.
9. Favorite subject in high school?
Algebra. I love math, but Algebra is my favorite.
10. If money were no object, what career would you choose?
Trophy Wife.
11. Favorite holiday?
My birthday. :) Favorite real holiday is Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love a holiday full of food!

Did you make it all the way through? Good, consider yourself tagged. :) Pick 11 questions from those above, and let's see your answers! If you play along, be sure to post in the comments with your link so we can all read your answers.


  1. 1. Where were you born?
    Covington, KY
    2. What is your number 1 goal right now?
    To lose 20 more pounds & get FIT
    3. Pets?
    YES ☺ 2 little girls ♥... a sheltie-collie mix & a chiuahua ☺
    4. Favorite "non-healthy" food.
    MEXICAN! Cheesey enchilada's, Queso Dip, Guac & Chips, refried cheesy beans with sour cream... shall I go on??
    5. Favorite sport to watch?
    6. Favorite tv show.
    Modern Family
    7. Dream vacation destination?
    8. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you buy first?
    2 tickets to Cabo San Lucas to sit back relax & decide what to do with the rest! :D
    9. If money were no object, what career would you choose?
    Trophy Wife
    10. Favorite holiday?
    St. Patty's Day!! I LOVE to act like a silly little lephrechaun for the day!!
    11. If you could change anything in your life, what would it be and why?
    Honestly to have an endless amount of money. I feel like it would take away 98% of the stress in my life & I would be able to GIVE & HELP & GIVE & HELP & GIVE & HELP & GIVE & that would make me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO super HAPPY!

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