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Friday, September 21, 2012

Ok, One More Before Tomorrow

I have about an hour to kill before my friend gets here to drive up to Denver together, and it's really screwing with my head. I'm all showered, dressed, packed, and ready to go, so I'm just sitting here getting more and more nervous. I need to go find something to do for an hour because sitting in front of the computer is not helping!

Can it be tomorrow yet?

Why I'm running. #earnthatmedal


  1. Love it. #earnthatmetal And for the love of gawd, get some sleep tonight! ~ Jen J.

    1. Ha! I'm gonna try, but I doubt I'll be sleeping much.

  2. You've got this!!! Good luck mama!!!

  3. I'm sure you are done by now! I hope you had a great experience!


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