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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Have Cooties

I've had a good size blister on my right big toe for a couple months now, and it never heals because I run and it gets all big and fluidy again. I haven't popped it because google said not to. Google also said to LEAVE THE SKIN INTACT. The loose fluidy blister skin acts as a barrier to the underneath stuff, and protects it from getting infected and stuff. A couple rest days in and it would get flat and start to heal, but it would fill up again after every run. Well, after my 13.6 on Sunday, I developed another blister right above it. This one right next to my toenail. They were just barely touching. Now that I had huge blister boobs on the side of my toe, I decided to finally drain them last night.

Old blister was yellow. Huh. Strange. I grabbed a sewing needle, sterilized it with a lighter (fire! fire!), and poked it. Thick, yellow fluid oozed out. That's not right, right? Popped the newer one, and it was plain old blister fluid. When I was done and freshly bandaged, I googled "blister yellow fluid." Turns out, that means infection. Shit!

My first thought was, "will I be able to keep running?" How sick have I become! Clearly, the blister fluid has gone to my brain. Old Brandi would've used this as an excuse to sit on my ass all the live long day.

My husband has a free clinic for employees and their families at his work, and they were able to get me in this morning, so off I went. Doctor said I did the right thing by draining it, and that got most of the infection out. I'm to soak it in Epsom salts, and slowly cut the blister skin off as it gets callousy. He also gave me an antibiotic cream to put on it, and told me to keep draining it if it keeps filling up.

Good news is I can keep running. Yay! Hopefully my new shoes will help my blister issues as well as my arch issues.


  1. I've always drained my blisters and left the skin intact to protect it. If I'd tear the skin off, it'd leave that raw skin and it'd hurt like a son of a bitch, so I learned not to do that anymore. LOL

    1. Google scared me from draining or peeling the skin off. :) The doctor said that once it gets callousy, the skin underneath is all healed and ready to be exposed, so just cut it back slowly over time as it hardens up. Don't cut it when it's still all floppy.

  2. I used to play soccer--running with blisters is no joke! I haven't gotten one yet...fingers crossed. Hope your cooties go away soon :)


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