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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday was the first day of preschool for my twins, so I took advantage of the 3-hour break and had a friend come over to turn me RED. We went to Sally's and bought supplies, then came to my house and played hair salon. :) I love it! It's more of a purpley-red than I planned, but I still love the color. I feel so sassy now!

On the workout front, I'm getting lazy and need a kick in the ass. I took my first rest day in two weeks yesterday, and really didn't want to do anything today. Instead of slipping back into old habits, I hauled my ass to the basement and did Level 3 for the first time. Holy. Shit. Jillian has gone completely insane! What was up with all the jumpy exercises?? That was my favorite thing about Ripped, that it was easy on the jumping, but she crammed every jumpy move out there into Level 3. I died.

I really need to run today, but I don't wanna. Someone talk me into it! I'm supposed to run 4 miles, but Abby has gymnastics from 5:30-6:30, and I need to buy panties for Emma and tomorrow is school Picture Day so everyone needs to be extra clean tonight. Oh, and I need to figure out dinner. I'm tired just thinking about it all!

So panties. I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but Emma's autistic. Over the summer, she learned to make herself pee and she needs to be changed constantly when we go out to new places. Public restrooms have become her place to decompress from too much stimulus. It's a pain in my ass, though, when I'm having to change her diaper 2-3 times at every stop. I warned her teacher right before school started that this was happening, and sure enough, she's been doing it there too. She's in the same class with the same teachers and a lot of the same kids as last year, but they're doing more "discoveries" in the 4-year class. In the 3-year class, all they did was PE. This year, they go to PE, library, technology (computers), music, and art. They visit the different classrooms for each discovery, and Emma's not liking the change. The school's autism specialist called me today to tell me she ran out of the library and went straight back to the classroom into the bathroom, and climbed on the changing table today because she was DONE! She wanted to know if we're seeing this at home and what we've been doing, and she suggested we let her change herself in these situations. We need to get her to be more independent, and hopefully that'll lead to potty-training. She's so close! She'll do everything but actually pee/poop in the toilet.

When I picked them up from school, I spoke to their main teacher about the phone call and she said another thing they've been throwing around is panties. We haven't tried panties at home yet because she runs around in just a Pull-Up, or totally naked, at home and hasn't had an accident in many months. I've dreaded putting panties on her because I know she'll then think they're like Pull-Ups and it's ok to pee in them. We'll have so many accidents! I guess it's time, though, so we're going to make a big deal about the panties and let her pick them out tonight. I'll be sure to pack several outfit changes for her tomorrow for school too.


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    1. No, I didn't. :( But I ran 5 miles this morning instead of my scheduled 3, and I'll run again tomorrow to make up for it.


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