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Friday, August 17, 2012

Man, I Suck

I'm a horrible blogger! The good news is I've lost 15lbs since my last post, and have been maintaining (stuck) around this current weight for a few months. I got down to about 172-ish last year, and put most of it back on. Started this year at 186.4, and I'm back down to 173. It's my own fault because I've been eating horribly all summer. Abby's back in school this week, and my twins start preschool on the 27th, so I've been getting back on track. I REALLY want to break this 173-176 cycle I've been on, and FINALLY see 160's. When I did WW a few years ago, I saw 168, but it didn't last long. That's when I got complacent, and stopped going to meetings. I have been running, and working out some, and that's why I haven't gained it all back already. I'll be doing the Rock & Roll Half in Denver next month, the weekend after my birthday, so I've had to stick with running for quite awhile now. Go me! I still haven't been running as often as I really need to, but I am up to 9.6 miles! I'm running 11 this weekend, and I can't wait to hit double digits. I'm planning on taking pictures this weekend to see if I can see any changes from previous years. I can't see any difference between the start of this year and the 12-ish pounds I've lost since. My clothes fit better, though, and I've been wearing all the size 12 jeans that sat in my closet for a couple years! They're a bit big even, but the 10's are still too tight. Soon!!


  1. Congratulations on losing 15.4 pounds!That is a whole lotta weight! You seem very motivated and active. The average American woman is a size 14 so, you Missy are smaller than the average woman!!


  2. Aw, thanks! You're so encouraging. :)


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