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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I hate trying to come up with titles, so I'm just gonna skip it this time. I took some Benadryl last night to help with the bug bite, so I woke up this morning totally hungover and had a difficult time getting out of bed. My Facebook peeps talked me into it, and I did manage to get to the gym. Oh yeah, and my kids needed breakfast. Why do they expect to be fed at every meal? Mama wants to sleep! I kid, I kid.

Sparkly Soul Headband

So today was Fartlek day since I was only planning on 3 miles. The past couple weeks, I've been doing this type of running once a week or so, and my time has improved dramatically! Thanks to a friend who runs with me on this run and pushes me to do more. She knows I can, and I'm finally starting to believe her. She wasn't able to join me today, but she was there in spirit. I keep thinking "what would Kim do?" and "Kim would make me push now" and it really helped me get through it. The bonus to speedwork/interval training is that it makes the treadmill kinda fun, and it makes the run go much faster.


See that pace? Holy shit! 10:39!!! I was so excited to see 10-anything! I haven't run like that since I first started running about 7 years ago. I was 7 years younger then, so I was naturally faster than now. I've had to seriously work these past 8 months to FINALLY see 10's! I ran my slow portions at 5.3-5.4, and the speed parts in the 7's. I even managed to maintain crazy speeds like 7.3 for a minute or so. A couple months ago, I would've died running any of it 5.4 and now that's my "easy" pace!

AND to top it all off, I came home and went straight to my date with Jillian. Level 2 is finally starting to feel good and not like I'm going to die. I even managed to do a few of the exercises with my 8lb weights. I was able to do all of Level 1 with 8's toward the end. I was still flying from my run so I pushed harder than I have all week, and it felt GOOOOOD! Bring it, Jillian.

On a board I'm on, someone mentioned they weigh 7lbs less than their driver's license, so it got me thinking about my own. I know I was heavier then, but I didn't realize how much heavier until I just looked at the picture. I'm 2lbs less than the weight I lied about back then, and about 15-20lbs less than I actually was. That was 13 months ago. I took the one on the right last night right before I left for the kids' Back to School Night. I had to document the fact that I actually did my hair and makeup. :)

Have a great day everyone, and let's get those workouts in for the day! You got this!


  1. I quit doing the shred this time around when I decided on training for the 1/2 but you're totally motivating me! Darn you.

    1. You can so do both. Do it, girl! :D

  2. You seriously look FANTASTIC Brandi! Nice job with the runs...You are so going to rock that 1/2!!!

    1. You're so sweet, Alisha. Thank you! Hopefully the belly will be going soon. It better as much as I'm working!


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