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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bugs Suck

I was all set to run 5 miles at the gym this morning. I was even looking forward to it. Rewind a couple days ago, and a mosquito flew into my van as I was getting in. Bugs love me and I've had a couple bad reactions since we moved to CO 7 years ago, so I was sure I got the thing out of my van before driving away. Nope. A few minutes after I drove away, I noticed myself unconsciously scratching my thigh. Looked down, and sure enough, direct hit by the bloodsucker. Of course, I start freaking out and called Damon telling him I'm going to need another shot, and hope I don't end up with West Nile! I'm a bit dramatic like that. I flew to the grocery store to stock up on Benadryl (sweet, sweet Benadryl how I love the sleep you bring) and cortisone, and bathed in the lotion once I got home.

Original bite. Picture taken when I got home from the grocery store.

By morning, the bite had grown to about twice it's original size, but it was still pretty small so I didn't worry about it. I went about my day wearing jeans, so I didn't see it until I went to bed last night. That's when I noticed it had gotten a lot worse. This is a bad picture I just copied from Voxer, I sent to a couple of my best friends telling them if they didn't hear from me by morning then I'd been struck down by West Nile. See the redness now? The whole area is all hot and hard now (just how I like it).

Aaaaaaand this morning. See how it's all bullseye looking now? That's what really freaked me out and prompted me to call the dr.

I called them on the way to the gym after dropping Abby off at school, fully expecting them to not be able to squeeze me in until later today. Nope, MOSQUITO is a magic word that gets you right in! She asked how soon I could be there, and I told her 10 minutes. They were ready and waiting when I got there. I felt like a VIP (or like I had the plague). They took my vitals and the dr was right behind the nurse. We talked for a minute, and she checked my file to see what type of shot I'd gotten last year since I didn't see *my* dr today, so I got the same steroid again this time.

Hello butt shot! So much for going to the gym right after the dr's. Oh well, at least I looked cute at the dr's office with my Sparkly Soul headband. LOVE. I bought it at the Diva Dash last month, and have worn it on most every run since. It's the ONLY headband I've ever worn that doesn't hurt or go flying off the back of my huge head. And it's cute!

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