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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Again

Man, it's been awhile! The good news is that I didn't regain more than a few pounds from my Weight Watchers days last summer. I lost just under 15lbs. with WW, and have managed to mantain without trying too hard. I've been stuck around 170-173 pretty much this whole time. The bad news is I haven't lost anything since I haven't really been trying. We had a really tough couple months here thanks to illnesses, so the scale started moving up recently. It was the wakeup call I needed to get serious again. I'm down the 5lbs I put on, so I'm back to my fluctuating window again. This time, I'm going to break through and lose more weight!

I've been doing really well with exercise the last week. I'm back to running, and I also picked up Jillian Michaels' new yoga dvd, Yoga Meltdown. I'm running a St. Patrick's Day 5K Saturday morning, and have already signed up for a couple more races to keep me in check. Finally, I've started tracking everything on an iphone app called, MyFitnessPal. I'm a math geek, so I need to see the numbers to keep me in line. Particularly, if there are pretty charts and graphs involved! :) If you use the site or app, look me up. I'm brandi_b. You'll also find me on DailyMile as (surprise!) brandi_b. I could use all the support/motivation/encouragement I can get!


  1. How ironic - after not thinking about this blog for months I was just wondering if you still had it this morning. Now you just need to start updating your other one, too. ;-)

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