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Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Shredding: Days 2-6

I've been bad about posting here, but I have been shredding every day. I just completed Day 6 today. I don't know if the heat was coming on more than usual since it was snowing outside, but I was sweating way more than in previous days!

Working through the soreness in Day 2 was really tough, but it seemed to go a little faster than day 1. It felt like I was working out for an eternity the first day. Now, at Day 6, I find myself thinking, "That's it?" a lot. Since I know the routine, I tend to zone out during the moves and before I know it, it's time to move on to something else. Today, I felt like I'd just started when suddenly I was in the third circuit!

Today, on Day 6, I did 6 REAL pushups during the first set! I found myself able to do 15 modified pushups during the first set and 10-12 during the second, so I decided to push myself and do some real ones. They were TOUGH, but I did it! I went back to the modified ones during the second set because I was feeling pretty rubbery already and had a lot more to do yet.

On Saturday, after day FOUR, I had to tighten my belt already! I was so excited that I cheated and took my measurements again today instead of waiting until day 10. I've lost SEVEN inches overall! I've lost 1.75 inches EACH in my chest, waist, and hips! Granted, Damon took my measurements in the evening last time and I took them right after working out this morning, but still. I'm sure my chest measurement is off to since I was wearing 2 sportsbras this morning, but only 1 last time. Still, I can't believe how much progress I've seen in just a week!
Maybe tonight I'll get really brave and step on the wii fit to get weighed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Showing these Pictures to the Internets

I suck. I don't how those of you with multiple blogs do it! I barely update my family blog, so this one tends to get neglected. I really need to give it more love because I think it's just what I need to keep me in check.

So, I'm going back to the beginning. Again. A few of my "real life" friends have decided to do the 30-Day Shred DVD, so I'm joining in. The DVD is broken down into 3 levels, and each level is only 20 minutes long. You do the first level for 10 days, then graduate to the second if you're ready. I did it for the first time today. Those are the longest 20 minutes of my life!! I feel great now that it's over, though.

I also updated my stats in the sidebar. Holy Cow! Since I started this blog several months ago, I've GAINED 8 lbs., 4 inches in my waist, and 3 inches in my hips. What a wake-up call!

And now for my most embarrassing pictures for the world to see. I look pregnant! Hopefully, you'll be too distracted by the empty frames in the background to notice my fat gut. The in-laws were in town recently, which is the only time anything ever gets done around the house, so I had my father in-law hang them despite not having taken pictures for a couple yet. I'm pretty proud of the ones with pictures, though, since I took them all myself.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poor, Neglected Blog

I've been horrible about updating this blog because I fell off the wagon before I even started. The holidays weren't pretty, and it bled into the beginning of this year. I'm so embarrassed to admit that I ended up gaining almost 15 lbs! A couple weeks ago, I finally started to change. My in-laws decided to give us a wii for Christmas rather than buy individual presents for everyone. With this in mind, I bought myself a wii fit when I found it in stock around Christmas. We finally got the wii about 3 weeks ago, and we've been having so much fun with it since.

The wii fit is great because the balance board makes sure you're doing things properly, but it's frustrating because you're constantly stopping. After a couple weeks of it, I found myself doing the same exercises/games over and over and was getting bored, so I bought My Fitness Coach.

For exercise, MFC is so much better! It's essentially a workout dvd that changes with every workout. You start by taking a fitness test to see where you're at. The 2-minute jumping jack drill KILLED me! 2 minutes feels like an eternity when doing jumping jacks! You can also customize the workouts by using hand weights, a balance ball, etc. The workouts are in 15-minute increments and can last up to 75 minutes. Finally, there are 6 different workout types you can perform: yoga, flexibility, upper body, core, lower body, and cardio.

Can you tell I love My Fitness Coach?

I've been doing some combination of wii sports, wii fit, and My Fitness Coach since. At my heaviest according to wii fit, I was 173. Last Monday, I was 171.1. Tonight I was down to 168.2! After not seeing any progress for a couple weeks, I finally started to change my eating habits this week. Right now, I'm using the wii as my primary form of exercise, but I have made it to the gym to run/walk for 35 minutes once a week. That's all my schedule would allow since I was taking a really tough class this term. Now that the class is over, and I won't be taking any classes this upcoming term (2 months off!), I'm going to make it my goal to have a date with a treadmill 2-3 times a week.

I've been inspired by Kristen at Motherhood Uncensored to take some before pictures. After being pregnant with twins, my belly's a road map of stretch marks, so you won't be seeing any belly! I will, however, put myself in the embarrassing workout tank top that shows everything so I only wear at home and have Damon take some honest pictures. That's one thing I've never done because I haven't wanted to admit to myself how bad I've gotten. I'm going to start my stats in the sidebar as of tonight. I'll take measurements tomorrow as well.

It's time to take the blinders off and really see myself. Warts and all.