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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week 5

1.8 down, 13 total! Another great week! I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose too much this week since the only exercise I’ve been doing is deep-cleaning my house. My house is big, but still…  I’ve also lost 3 inches in my waist since starting Weight Watchers!  In my chest/waist/hips alone, I’ve lost 7 inches! 8.25 total throughout my body.  In a month!  I started taking my measurements on July 1st.

The weekend has been a trial since my in-laws have been here, but I haven’t done all that bad. I cooked dinner Friday night: grilled salmon, brown rice, and steamed broccoli. Yesterday was my twins’ first birthday party, but that’s ok because that’s our designated “cheat” day. On Saturdays I don’t count points.  I save my 35 weekly bonus points, and whatever activity points I’ve accumulated and eat what I’d like. What I’ve found, though, is that I just don’t have any interest in pigging out anymore. Usually, my Saturday “cheat” is going out to a restaurant for one meal and getting a soda and a few bites of dessert. Yesterday, it was birthday cake and movie theater food.

Last night, Damon and I took advantage of having the in-laws in town and went to the movies for the second time since Abby was born! Abby is now 4.5.  It was a very special treat for us to go to the movies together, so I was going to indulge on theater food without guilt.  I had my usual popcorn, ginormous Coke I couldn’t finish, and peanut M&Ms. Because I can’t eat popcorn without peanut M&Ms.

And I couldn’t sleep last night because I ate too much junk!

By the way, we saw The Hangover. HILARIOUS movie! Bradley Cooper is so my new crush.  Yum!


  1. Just found your blog at Motherhood Uncensored. And I love it! Sites like yours motivate me!

  2. By the way, we have like the same starting weight and goal weight, so we may be great motivation for each other!!! I need all of it I can get!

    You can check out my site at I'll be updating it tonight!

    Twitter is @jaimashs


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