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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’m a Real Runner now

I swallowed a bug on my run last night! And I got hit by several sprinklers in the common areas in my neighborhood.  I had to run through them in the path right in front of my house. It was either that or go all the way around and run up one last hill. I was so done by then that the sprinklers were a nice way to cool me down. I’ve never felt more like a runner than I did last night!

It was a great run too. My longest, and fastest, outside run yet. 3.4 miles in 39:27!  I even had to walk a good chunk of the second big hill I came across. I mistakenly decided to around the huge pre-k to 12 school down the street from me thinking the first ginormous hill would be the only one and I’d coast the rest of the way. Yeah. It leveled off for a bit once I got past that first hill, but there was another, even longer, hill waiting for me just up ahead. Once I got past those two, however, it was mostly downhill or fairly level the rest of the way home. 

Am I the only one who doesn’t like running downhill? That’s when my knees start to hurt. I’m just waiting for the day when I go too fast and fall on my face. I’m such a klutz I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet!

Weigh in this morning was successful. I was down .9lbs, bringing my total weight-loss to 13.5.  I didn’t achieve my goal of losing another point, but I’m so close! I’m now at 170.7.

This week will not be pretty. An old friend is coming to visit us for the week and tomorrow is Damon’s birthday. I’ve already made him banana chocolate chip bars, and will be making caramel bars and a malted milk chocolate cake. Tomorrow’s dinner will be grilled NY steaks, mashed potatoes, and fresh baked bread. Too. Much. Temptation. 

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