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Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Ran!

And it was good. It was my best run since I started again! I started a little slower than I should’ve, so I only averaged 5.12 mph on the treadmill. I ran for at least 1.5 miles at 5.4 though! And even threw in a 5.5 for a minute or two at a time. My original plan was to run for 35 minutes, but I felt so great as I approached it I decided to go for a 5k. I was too close not to at the 35 minute mark. I even pushed it up to 5.7 for the last 1/10th of a mile.

Then my hand accidentally hit the stop button at 3.08 miles.

I was so close I could taste it! I’m proud of me for having such a great run, but it was frustrating to not quite get to my goal. I stopped mere feet from the finish line!

My leg also felt great during my run. I think it really helped relieve whatever was going on in my quad because it feels great now!  My legs and my lungs felt like I could’ve run the entire thing at 5.4. I was in the zone. After a few minutes at 5.4, everything eased up and I was breathing easily instead of huffing and puffing. If it wasn’t for a stitch in my gut I wouldn’t have had to slow down periodically. The weird thing about the stitch was that it wasn’t in my side, but more right in the middle in my diaphragm.

Taking a couple weeks off from running was really good for me. I thought I’d lose some speed, but I actually had my fastest run yet! The break also renewed my love affair with running. While I can’t say I love to run while I’m actually doing it, there’s nothing better than that endorphin high when the run is over.  Especially when I’ve had a great run.


  1. 5.4 is fantastic on the treadmill! (For me, I think the treadmill lowballs the speed and you'd actually be going faster outside.)

  2. Oh, and I have to laugh about the stopping at 3.08. I've done similar things and the frustration is SO high, even though you really ran 5K anyway. That silly 0.02 miles. Rrr.


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