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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back on the Shred Wagon

After months away from it, I started Shredding again this week. And it’s not nearly as tough as it was the first time around! Don’t get me wrong, it’s by no means easy, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die like I did the first time around. In fact, I’ve even been keeping up with Natalie for a good chunk of it!

I’ve shredded 3 of 4 days this week, and I really think the day off I took after the first day was the best thing for me. I was really sore that day, but not as bad the next day so I decided to do it again. Day 2 really helped relieve the rest of the soreness.  I’m a  little sore today, but it’s not a “how am I going to go to the bathroom when I can’t bend my legs” sore. It’s a good sore.  It’s a reminder of muscles past.

I really think running these last couple months is the reason shredding is much better this time around. I’ve definitely built up some endurance!  Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be able to run this week either. Tuesday morning, all three kids woke up with colds! I can’t get myself up before Damon has to go to work to run, so my options are to take everyone to the “kids cabin” at the gym, run in the evening, or take Abby to the cabin when Damon gets home. I usually opt for the latter because the twins are having separation anxiety issues so they cry for a good part of the time they’re in the kids cabin, and Colorado summers = evening thunderstorms. I’m not willing to risk my life to run, so the gym it is.  On the days we don’t have evening thunderstorms, it’s too hot to run. I don’t know people can stand to run in the middle of the day! It’s 7:30 right now and still 80 degrees.

With three sick kids at home, I haven’t made it to the gym to run in the evenings. They all want their Mommy right now, so I can’t bear to leave.  My plan was to run/shred 6 days a week. Ideally, I’d do 3 of each, but since I can’t run I’m making the best of it and shredding everyday instead. Nobody’s sleeping here right now, least of all me since I’m the one up with the sickies, so I’ve started taking them all to the basement with me to shred so I can nap when they do.  It’s actually worked out really well! The twins thought it was hilarious the first time to see me copying the tv, and they tend to crawl on me during the ab exercises, but mostly they just play. On the bright side, having one or two babies putting weight on my abs while I work them is surely to make them stronger faster!

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