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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I’m back

After my whole cancer ordeal this spring, I gained 15 pounds. I’m such a stress/emotional eater that the cancer really took a toll on my weight. Now that it’s all behind me, it’s time to take control once more. I’ve decided I can’t do it on my own. I need the accountability of a group setting, so I’ve joined Weight Watchers. I joined 10 days ago, and have already lost 6 pounds! Unfortunately, I joined the week before the 4th, so I have to wait until this Saturday to get my official weight after my initial meeting. At my first meeting 10 days ago, I weighed 184.2. My heaviest non-pregnant weight ever.

No more!

In addition to Weight Watchers, I’ve also started running again. I used to run a few years ago, but I got a black toenail after running the Bolder Boulder. We moved into our house right after that race, then life just got in the way. A few months after my toe healed, I was pregnant with the twins, so I haven’t run in 2 years. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it! I’m already seeing great improvements to my times in the few weeks since I started. I’ve decided to run the Race for the Cure in September. That gives me plenty of time to train. I’m already up to running a 5k, so it should be a great race. I’m trying to convince some friends to do it with me so we can create a team. Hopefully!

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