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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Day, Another Run

I had an awful run Sunday. I ran to the neighborhood across the street, sort of, for something different. I thought my neighborhood was hilly, but it doesn’t compare to this! I ran uphill for more than half a mile. There was no end in sight! Every time I turned a corner, I saw more hill. Finally, I got to a point where I could turn around and fly down the hill. By then, I was exhausted.

Did I mention I still had to run up my own hills to get home?

Yeah. I ended up walking the last half-mile home, and cutting my run short, because I was d.o.n.e. I was surprised at how much of an emotional toll that ginormous hill took on me.  I could’ve continued running at a slower pace, but my brain more than my body decided I couldn’t do more. Don’t get me wrong, I was HURTING by then, but I probably could’ve pushed through it. I let the hills defeat me.

I think I’ll wait to run through that neighborhood again!

Today, I woke up grumpy and in a pissy mood for no reason. Emma’s teething, but she only woke once in the night and about 1/2  an hour early this morning, so it wasn’t due to lack of sleep. PMS maybe? Who knows. All I know is that I had to get out of this house because I was driving myself crazy.

After naptime, I loaded everyone up and went to the gym.  What better way to burn off a bad mood than by leaving the kids with someone else and getting the endorphins pumping! I love that stoned feeling after a run, once my heartrate starts to settle.  I had my best treadmill run yet!

The twins aren’t comfortable being left with someone else yet, so I try to keep my treadmill runs shorter. Sure enough, they told me Emma screamed the entire time until they finally made her a bottle. 

Today, I ran 2.88 miles in 34:57 total, including about a 2-minute warmup and cooldown.  With the walking portions in the beginning and end, I averaged 4.94mph. I ran the entire middle at 5.0-5.2, with a couple 5.3 intervals as well! When I started running again a month ago, I could barely run for 2-minute stretches at 4.3! Today, I WALKED at 4.3. I’d originally set it for 4.6, but it was too easy! Running outside in my hilly neighborhood has really helped my endurance.

Even better? I could totally tell I’ve lost weight in the clothes I wore to the gym today!

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