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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Weight Watchers weigh-in was yesterday. Last week, I sadly gained 0.6 pounds, but somehow I managed to lose 4.6 pounds this week to make up for it! This was week 4, so it will probably be the last time I have a big loss like that in a week, but it still felt GOOD! I got “5 lbs. lost” and “5% lost” stickers. My next goal is to lose 10% of my original weight. 7 more pounds to go! When I reach that goal, I get a key chain. I WILL get that key chain next month!

Running has been nonexistent this week. My in-laws are coming Friday, and the twins’ first birthday party is Saturday, so I’ve been cleaning and shopping like a madwoman.  That’s been my exercise this week.

One thing I’m a little disappointed by is the shape of my arms. I carry both babies (about 45lbs. total) up and down our stairs at least a couple times a day. Then there’s the constant lifting of the stroller to get it in and out of the van, and pushing it around with both babies and groceries in tow. I add one of those little baskets they have at grocery stores to each handle and fill them both and the basket underneath the stroller.  Or, I use one of those ginormous double carts when I can find one outside. We typically hit Super Target, so I’ve been able to find one most days.  Abby climbs in that little corner towards the back and I push all three through the store.  Granted, it’s a lot more leisurely than a power walk through the neighborhood, but I should be rewarded at least a little!

I’ve signed up for the shredheads “buddy” program they’ll be doing in August, so I’ll start shredding again. The last time, I did really great the first 10 days, advanced to level 2, did it once and called it quits.  In my defense, I had cancer! That’s so my excuse for everything. The last time I shredded was a few days before my mammogram where they found a lump.  Everything went downhill for a few months after that. I won’t be shredding every day this time because I’m going to continue to run as well, but I am going to do it on my “off” days.  Hopefully, I can lose another 10lbs. before we take off for California right before my 31st birthday in September.  We’re driving so we’ll get there on my birthday.


  1. Woo! Great job on the WW!

    I think you'll like the Shred/running mix. It's nice to break things up a bit.

  2. Thanks! I'm actually looking forward to shredding again. I'm ready for something new.


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