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Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Shredding: Days 2-6

I've been bad about posting here, but I have been shredding every day. I just completed Day 6 today. I don't know if the heat was coming on more than usual since it was snowing outside, but I was sweating way more than in previous days!

Working through the soreness in Day 2 was really tough, but it seemed to go a little faster than day 1. It felt like I was working out for an eternity the first day. Now, at Day 6, I find myself thinking, "That's it?" a lot. Since I know the routine, I tend to zone out during the moves and before I know it, it's time to move on to something else. Today, I felt like I'd just started when suddenly I was in the third circuit!

Today, on Day 6, I did 6 REAL pushups during the first set! I found myself able to do 15 modified pushups during the first set and 10-12 during the second, so I decided to push myself and do some real ones. They were TOUGH, but I did it! I went back to the modified ones during the second set because I was feeling pretty rubbery already and had a lot more to do yet.

On Saturday, after day FOUR, I had to tighten my belt already! I was so excited that I cheated and took my measurements again today instead of waiting until day 10. I've lost SEVEN inches overall! I've lost 1.75 inches EACH in my chest, waist, and hips! Granted, Damon took my measurements in the evening last time and I took them right after working out this morning, but still. I'm sure my chest measurement is off to since I was wearing 2 sportsbras this morning, but only 1 last time. Still, I can't believe how much progress I've seen in just a week!
Maybe tonight I'll get really brave and step on the wii fit to get weighed.


  1. Good grief. Well that gets me excited. Congrats on your quick results :)

  2. Yay!! I'm so proud of you! You're doing way better than me but I will start doing it again today...i feel ALOT better! lol we use the wii fit to weigh in too :)

  3. Hi, I found this blog...somehow...I can never remember the pathways!!

    anyway. I had twins back in January, so they are a little under three months, but only just....I'm watching you...are you using that 30 day shred thingo by the lady off the biggest loser??

    You look good but I understand you want to improve on what you've DH was taking some shots of me showering with our babies the other night and he "accidentally" took a shot of me from behind.....ARGH!!!!! delete delete delete and then I apologised for looking SO bad! he laughed and says he could care less...etc but well...wake up call....

    anyway...I'm inspired to do something...soon ;)


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